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Trim Rib Roofing Profiles

General Information on Roofing , Cladding and Siding

The bold-crested, flute-panned profile of Trim Rib offers an ideal combination of light weight, strength and wide span with the fashionable visual appeal of traditional board-and-batten construction.

Trimdek roofing is attractive, economical, crimp-curvable roofing to minimum inside radius curves of 400mm for barrel ridges, corners and bullnosing.

Trim Rib roofing offers a very low minimum pitch limit and a variety of finishes and colours to suit the environmental and aesthetic criteria of modern residential architecture.

Cover 755mm; Sheet Width 810mm; Min Pitch 3° (approx 1:20)
Trimdek Roofing Profiles

Max Span for 1kN Concentrated Load for G550 Steel
Span location on roof Thickness (BMT) Sheet cover
End 1200 1400 1 755 6 4530
Intermediate 1600 1800 2 1510 7 5285
  3 2265 8 6040
4 3020 9 6795
Mass kg/m2 4.45 5.93 5 3775 10 7550

Fastener Locations Crest Fixing
4 fasteners per width to end and intermediate supports
Trimdek Roofing Profiles
3 fasteners per width to intermediate supports
Fasteners are fixed with a neoprene washer and may require a profiled metal washer in some situations. Spiral shanked nails may only be used on sheets up to 8m long.To ensure the fastener durability is at least equal to the durability of the selected roofing material, and for full deuils of installation procedures, contact Ullrich Technical Support.

Screw for Timber Nail for Timber Tek Screw for Steel
12g x 65mm Type17
screw for timber
75mm spiral shank
nail for timber
12g x 45mmself-drilling
TEK screw for steel

Important Information about Trim Rib roofing sheets

Flashings, fastener systems and accessories are available for Trim Rib roofing, including matching translucent sheet profiles. Trim Rib roofing and cladding is warranted for coating performance, corrosion resistance and substrate integrity.

All dimensions shown in mm. Dimensions stated are nominal and may vary with types and grades of substrate.

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